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Zeev Weiss
Zeev Weiss

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Prof. Zeev Weiss

Eleazar L. Sukenik Professor of Archaeology

Born 1959 Jerusalem; Ph.D. 1995, HebrewUniversity; Post Doctorate 1996, Harvard University; HebrewUniversity, Lecturer 1998; Senior Lecturer 2002; Assoc. Professor 2005; Professor 2011.


Research Interests

Roman and Later Antique art and architecture in the Syro-Palestinian provinces; town-planning, architectural design, and Mosaic art; Synagogue in ancient Palestine; Evaluation of archaeological finds in light of the socio-cultural behavior of Jewish society and its dialogue with Graeco-Roman culture.

Research Project

Director of the Zippori (Sepphoris) excavations. The ongoing excavations of Zippori in recent years has contributed considerably to understanding the architectural development and character of the ancient Jewish city during the Roman and Byzantine periods. Various public and private buildings, many decorated with colorful mosaics, were excavated throughout the site. The architectural and artistic finds at Sepphoris shed new light on the study of the history and archaeology of Jewish society in late antiquity and illuminate social concerns and trends prevalent in Jewish literary sources of the period. Interdisciplinary analyses drawing on these combined sources make it possible to better understand the issues with which Jewish society in late antiquity was confronted.