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Contact Information

Max Planck Institute of Economics
Strategic Interaction Group
Jena, D-07745

Phone: +49 3641 686625
E-mail: weisel@econ.mpg.de

Extended CV


2011    PhD. in Social Psychology and Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis title: “Cooperation and punishment in public good dilemmas with incomplete information”. Instructor: Prof. Gary Bornstein, Department of Psychology.

2005    M.A. in Cognitive Science (Magna Cum Laude), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Thesis title: “The Effect of Communication on Cooperation in a Social Dilemma With Uncertainty at the Individual Level”. Instructor: Prof. Gary Bornstein, Department of Psychology.

2002    B.A. in Humanities (interdisciplinary program; Magna Cum Laude) and Computer Science (double major), Tel-Aviv University.
Minors within the interdisciplinary program in Humanities:
•    Philosophy (emphasis on Philosophy of Religion)
•    Social Justice (Included courses in Philosophy, Sociology and History)
•    Translation Studies

2001    Fall semester in VIU (Venice International University)


•    Salomon Israel, Ori Weisel, Richard Ebstein, and Gary Bornstein. Oxytocin, but not Vasopressin, Increases both Parochial and Universal Altruism (2012). Psychoneuroendocrinology.

•    Nir Halevy, Ori Weisel, and Gary Bornstein. In-Group "Love" and Out-Group "Hate" in Repeated Interaction between Groups: Overcoming a History of Conflict (2011). Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

•    Gary Bornstein and Ori Weisel (2010). Punishment, Cooperation, and Cheater Detection in “Noisy” Social Exchange. Games, 1, 18-33.

Work in Progress

•    Werner Geuth, Rene Levinsky, Kerstin Pull, & Ori Weisel. Tournaments and Piece Rates Revisited: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Premium Incentives.
•    Michael Kurschilgen, Alexander Morell, & Ori Weisel. Asymmetric Price Competition Between Teams.
•    Ori Weisel & Gary Bornstein. Positive and negative externalities in inter-group relations. Data analysis.
•    Ori Weisel & Gary Bornstein. Punishment and Cooperation in Repeated Public Good Games with Binary Endowments and Uncertainty. Data analysis.
•    Judith Avrahami, Werner Gueth, Yaakov Kare’ev, & Ori Weisel. Recurrent Tournaments – an Experiment Comparing Partners and Strangers Design as Well as Average and Random Round(s) Payment. Data analysis.
•    Robb Willer, Flynn, F. J., Feinberg, M., Menschio, O., Peng, K., Mello Ferreira, D. R., Ferreira Bianchi, A. M., Shoham Choshen-Hillel, Ori Weisel & Detlef Fetchenhauer. Generalized Reciprocity. Data Analysis.
•    Ori Weisel & Ro’I Zultan. Suppose they Gave a War and Nobody Came: Framing Effects on Behavior in the IPD game. Data analysis.
•    Ori Weisel & Anthony Ziegelmeyer. Cooperation Under the Shadow of the Future – New Laboratory Evidence From Long Repeated Games. Data collection.
•    Ori Weisel. Trust and cooperation behind the veil of ignorance. Data collection.
•    Ori Weisel & Robert Böhm. "Ingroup love" versus "outgroup hate" among football fans. Data collection.
•    Ori Weisel & Ro’i Zultan. Wasting to Avoid Feeling Wasteful. Data collection.

Talks and Presentations

2012    CEREB, Erfurt University, Germany
              Magdeburg Workshop on Anti-Social Economic Behavior, Magdeburg, Germany

2011    Mini Workshop on Experimental Economics, Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena, Germany
              14th International Conference on Social Dilemmas, Amsterdam, Netherlands
              Mini Workshop on Generosity, Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena, Germany

2010    Center for Decision Research and Experimental Economics, Nottingham University, UK
              Nuffield Centre for Experimental and Social Sciences, Nuffield College, Oxford University, UK

2009    13th International Conference on Social Dilemmas, Kyoto, Japan
              APESA meeting, Haifa, Israel

2008    Tübingen, Eberhard Karls University
              4th Spain, Italy, Netherlands Meeting on Game Theory, Wroclaw, Poland.
              "What is the behavioral in behavioral economics" workshop, Trento Italy

2007    12th International Conference on Social Dilemmas, Seattle, Washington

2006    Affect, Motivation and Decision Making International Conference, Ein Boqeq, Israel


2010    Winner of the 29th competition for research grants for doctoral students in the social sciences, held by the Israel Foundations Trustees Program for the Advancement of Research in the Social Sciences (a bi-annual competition awarding research grants to a limited number of outstanding doctoral students).

Participation in Summer Schools and Workshops

2008    IMPRS-Uncertainty Summer School, Max Planck Institute for Economics, Jena, Germany.

2007    IMPRS-Uncertainty Summer School, Max Planck Institute for Economics, Jena, Germany.

2006    Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in Psychology and Economics, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany.

2005    8th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes: Social and Cognitive Change in Intergroup Relations, Jena, Germany.

Academic employment

2006-2011    Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Statistics and Methodology (Department of Psychology, Hebrew University)

2010               Lecturer, Game Theory – Theory, Applications, and Behavior (Wingate Institute)

2010               Teaching Assitant, Logic and Games (IMPRS-Uncertainty Summer School)

2003-2007    Research Fellow in ‘Ratiolab’ – laboratory for the study of interactive decision-making. Director: Prof. Gary Bornstein.

2003-2006    Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Logic for Cognitive Science (Department of Cognitive Science, Hebrew University)

2003-2004    Teaching Assistant, Advanced Logic (Introduction to Meta-Logic) (Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University)

2003-2004    Research Assistant to Prof. Carl Posy (Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University)