Professor Rachel Elboim-Dror

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel




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   Professor of Education and Culture Policy and History. Studied Hebrew literature, education and sociology at the Hebrew University. After graduation, she continued her studies at Harvard University, where she received Master and Doctorate degrees.

          Returning to Israel, Elboim-Dror established the Division of Education Policy, Planning and Administration at the Hebrew University and served as its director.

          Her main theoretic and applied interests include education and culture in periods of transformation, from a broad cultural, historical and political perspective. List of publications and synopsis of selected books.

          She served as consultant to the Ministry of Education in Israel, as a member of national and international advisory committees, and on the editorial boards of professional journals. For two years she was editor of Elsevier's International Book Series in Education Policy. She lectured at universities in Europe, the United States, India, and Australia. In 1974 she was awarded a fellowship by the French government to study French higher education planning. In 1991 she was invited by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to Moscow. In 1993 she was invited by the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo for a series of lectures and seminars for Egyptian academics and writers.

          In 1992 she received the Jerusalem Education Prize. Her books on Zionist Utopias were awarded the Wiznitzer prize, as the best book on Jewish history published in 1993. In 2008 she was awarded the EMET (Arts, Sciences and Culture). An award for outstanding achievements.

          Rachel Elboim-Dror has published numerous books and articles. They have published in Hebrew, English and German. Her publications examine education and culture, including a multi-volume socio-political history of education in Palestine, and an analysis of early Zionist utopias from the perspective of the history of ideas (Yesterday Tomorrows). Professor Rachel Elboim-Dror's research interests.


          A novel of hers, A Night in Tel Aviv, was published in Spanish. A Hebrew version of the book, A Clean Death, was published in 1999. The Pais Saphir Foundation for Literature has chosen the novel as one of the best twenty-four novels published in Israel in 1999.  In 2003 the novel was published in its original language, in English, CLEAN DEATH IN TEL AVIV, and is available for purchase. Click here for more information about the book. She has also published short stories in Hebrew.


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