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Grants last 5 years

2002- 2005 Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Dyadic Interplay between anxious mothers and their infant.
2005 - 2007 Israel Foundation Trustees (Ford), The association between father- involvement, father sensitivity, and preschoolers' socio-emotional well being: A Palestinian sample.
2006 - 2010 Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Children's emotional regulation: Association with maternal anxiety, maternal behavior, temperament, family stress, and genes (with Prof. Richard Ebstein).
2007 - 2012 Irving B. Harris Foundation, Chicago; An early support program for distressed families/allocated from a grant to the Harris Foundation for Early Child Development at Hebrew University (with Prof. Charles Greenbaum, Prof. Asher Ornoy, Prof. Arthur Eidelman, Prof. Miriam Rosenthal).
2008 - 2012 Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Interplay of genes and environment in modulating fetal and infant stress response to prenatal maternal smoking (with Prof. Richard Ebstein, Dr. David Mankuta).
2008-2012 National Institute of Health (NIH), Intergenerational transmission of trauma from terror: A developmental perspective, (with Prof. Steve Faraone, Prof. Richard Ebstein, Dr. David Mankuta, Prof. Azaria Rein, Prof. Nurit Yirmiya).

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