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Ladino is the name most commonly used today for the traditional “Judeo-Spanish” language of Sephardi or Spanish Jews. The language is also known as Judezmo, Judyó, Spanyol(it), Judeo-Spanish, and – in Morocco – Ḥaketia. Customarily written in the Hebrew alphabet, but today mostly in Romanization, the language is comprised of elements derived from Old Ibero-Romance, Hebrew and Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Greek, local post-Expulsion contact languages such as Turkish in the former Ottoman regions and Arabic in Morocco, and European prestige languages such as French, Italian and Castilian.

 Map of the Holy Places, Istanbul 1839, The Jewish Museum Collection

(from Sephardi Jews in The Ottoman Empire, ed. Esther Juhasz, Jerusalem: The Israel Museum 1990)


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