Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Graduate, two-semester course



Graduate, two-semester seminar

Research Methods for the Thesis Track 

Introduction to political psychology

Issues in political psychology

The Psychology of Morality and Politics seminar)


האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom

Stony Brook University



 MA in Public Policy

Data Analysis I

Political psychology

Intermediate Statistics for Public Policy


Directed research

I also have some other relevant teaching experience:

· · As Head of the Instruction Teaching Division in the Military School for Instruction Management, Development, and Teaching, I taught workshops in cognitive psychology, learning, memory, perception and instruction, and developed teaching materials and outlines for workshops and courses. 

· · As an Organizational Psychologist in Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) School for Officers I developed and instructed numerous dynamic workshops.