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Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2015-2016

The seminar meets on Wednesday, 2:15-3:45PM, in the Political Science Seminar Room #4326, unless noted otherwise


December 30, 2:15PM

Frances Rosenbluth

Department of Political Science, Yale University

Why Do So Few Women Run for Office? Evidence from Survey Experiments


Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2014-2015


April 29, 2:15PM

Torun Dewan

Department of Government, London School of Economics

On Good Leaders and their Associates

(with Francesco Squintani)

May 27, 2:15PM

David Rueda

Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

Preferences that Matter:Inequality, Redistribution and Voting


Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2013-2014


February 26, 2:15PM

José Antonio Cheibub

Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Order in Chaos: Intra Party Coordination in Open List PR Systems

(with Gisela Sin)

March 26, 2:15PM

Daniel Posner

Department of Political Science, UCLA

Ethnic Favoritism in Primary Education in Kenya

(with Eric Kramon)


October 23, 4:30PM

David Farrell

School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin

'Stripped Down' or Reconfigured Democracy

October 30, 4:30PM

Dimitri Landa

The Wilf Familiy Department of Politics, New York University

Social Identity and the Nature of Electoral Representation


Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2012-2013


March 6, 2:15PM

Kenneth Scheve

Department of Political Science, Stanford University

Inequity Aversion and the Mass Politics of Taxing the Rich in France and the United States

(with Xiaobo Lu)

March 20, 2:15PM

Pablo Beramendi

Department of Political Science, Duke University

Redistribution and Preference Formation

(with Philipp Rehm)

May 22, 2:15PM

Macartan Humphreys

Department of Political Science, Columbia University
Policing Politicians: Citizen Empowerment and Political Accountability in Uganda (with Jeremy Weinstein)




November 21, 4:30PM, Economics Seminar Room #4212

Sona Nadenichek Golder

Department of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University

Government Formation in Europe

Background paper: Who "Wins"? Determining the Party of the Prime Minister

January 9, 3:00PM

Simon Hug

Department of Political Science, University of Geneva

Constituency Preferences and MP Preferences: The Electoral Connection

(with Danielle Martin)


Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2011-2012


March 21, 4:30 PM

Jonathan Nagler

Political Science, NYU

Party Issue Positions and Voter Behavior

Who Votes Now- The Political Context of Tournout

May 9, 4:30PM
Ernesto F. Calvo
Political Science, University of Maryland

Selecting Clients- Partisan Networks andthe Electoral Benefits of Targeted Distribution



November 16, 4:30PM, Sociology and Anthropology Seminar Room #3510
William Roberts Clark
Political Science, University of Michigan

The Federal Reserve May Be Politically Independent But It Is Not Politically Indifferent

December 14, 2:30PM
Lisa Blaydes
Political Science, Stanford University
The Feudal Revolution and Europe's Rise: Institutional Divergence in the Christian and Muslim Worlds before 1500CE

January 18, 2:30PM
John D. Huber
Political Science, Columbia University
Measuring Ethnic Vote: Do Proportional Electoral Laws Politicize Ethnicity?


Electoral Politics Speaker Series, 2010-2011



February 15, 4:30PM
Richard Johnston
Political Science, University of British Columbia
Popular Foundations of Divided Government in a Federation: Evidence from the Canadian Multiparty Case


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