* Hanna's Loft in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem *


A "White Dream" Loft

The Loft was specially designed to give my wife a white background for her creative activities in the making of her clothes. For that purpose, a mannequin was bought in Fustat, the Old City of Cairo. At the border, the police frowned their eyebrows of what we were going to do with a violincello (the mannequin was wrapped in paper) until we told them that it couldn't make any music. The Loft is also used by our guests. At the right side, a piece of the original wall has been preserved.

The Loft has a rectangular, a triangular and a round window. The Loft is situated straight beneath a 10 cms. thick concrete roof. However, a wooden structure build on top of the concrete slab and 18 cms elevated, holds the roof tiles. Thus, an air cushion is created between the roof tiles and the concrete slab serving as isolation against heat and cold.


Damascus-style Couche under the staircase to the Loft

Under the Staircase leading to the Loft, stands a Damascus-style couche in its full glory. It has a red pluche cover, and a mother-of-pearl inlay into separated panels and wooden bar work. Left of that is the music corner.


Corner of the Loft

This is a corner of the Loft where one can see the white floor carpet, colorful cushions and a Dutch map of Israel from the 18th century. The frame around the map is made of cut_in_half table legs. The structure is not very stable but, once it hangs it remains in tact. It did so for 20 years by now. The Mannequin is better visible here.

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