September, 1998
Gur Ofer

Born: Jerusalem, September 23, 1934.
Military service: 1953-1955; Member, Kibbutz Ha’on, 1955-1959.
Married to Dalia; four daughters.
Home: 16 Mishol Hakitron, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972-2-5865889, 5870967 (also fax)

Dept. of Economics New Economic School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Nahkimovsky Prospekt 47
Mt. Scopus, 91905 Jerusalem, Israel 117418 Moscow, Russia
Tel: 972-2-5883238 Tel.: 7-095-1293844
Fax: 972-2-5816071 Fax: 7-095-1293722

B.A. and M.A.      1959-1964, History and Economics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Ph.D.                 Economics, Harvard University, 1964-1968
                        Thesis: The Service Industries in the USSR


  •  Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Professor of Soviet Economics, Departments of Economics and of Russian Studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Coordinator, the International Advisory Board, the New Economic School, Moscow.
  • Head, The Feher Institute of Public Policy, the Hebrew University Branch.
  • Head, the Israel National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research.
  • President, The Israeli Economic Association
  • Past:



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