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Dr. Micki Eisenman
Micki Eisenman

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I am a lecturer in the Organizational Behavior group at the Jerusalem School of Business at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I hold a PhD from Columbia University, an MBA from Tulane University, and a BA in English and Communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My research bridges ideas from the management of technology literature and constructivist institutional perspectives that examine how new meanings about technology emerge. I am intrigued by the observation that many high-technology firms are using aesthetic designs to differentiate their products. Some very intuitive examples of this phenomenon are products made by Apple, Samsung, and GE. To further understand this observation, I study when and under what conditions aesthetic elements might become important to competition in high technology industries. I view aesthetics not only as a means for product differentiation, but also as another, symbolic, layer of meaning that enhances technological products by positioning them as cultural products. In this manner, technological products become products appreciated for the meanings and associations they evoke and for their ability to enhance users’ identities and to function as status symbols. Methodologically, I use inductive approaches and content analysis to pursue research questions.