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                               Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
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Hello, and welcome to my webpage. In my scholarship and teaching I explore contemporary Middle East history from an international and global perspective. I am interested in how the stories I uncover connect back to larger themes such as the agency of developing nations, Third World industrialization and the politics of globalization. A related line of research is refuting the myth of the state as a rational unitary actor by borrowing theories from the field of international political economy

I have been a visiting scholar in Maryland (2005), Tel aviv (2007-2008) Northwetern (2008-2010) and Oxford (2014-2015) and my op-eds have appeared in the Guardian, Informed Comment, the History News Service, and History News Network.

Below you can find more information about my background and publications.





Education: PhD, Hebrew University (2007).

Current position: Tenure-Tracked Lecturer (equivalent to US assistant professor; 2010-), International Relations Department, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Courses taught at the Hebrew University: Globalization and the 20th Century, Israel in the Middle East, Israeli military history.



Key Publications (to learn more about the book or read the articles please click on the links below):

A. Peer-reviewed  Publications 


Origins of the Suez Crisis: Postwar Development Diplomacy and the Struggle over Third World Industrialization, 1945-1956, (Woodrow Wilson Center Press / Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013). To see the chapter list click here. For a recent review click here.



The Six Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East,Yale University Press (February, 2017)



"'Logic dictates that they may attack when they feel they can win': the Egyptian Army, the 1955 Czech-Egyptian Arms Deal and the Israeli Intelligence, 1955-1956," Middle East Journal, (Winter, 2009).



"Playing with Fire: the Soviet-Israeli-Syrian Triangle, 1965-1967," Cold War History, (May 2010).



"Stepping Back from the Third World: Soviet Policy toward the United Arab Republic, 1965-1967," Journal of Cold War Studies, (Fall 2010).   

Surveying the Revolutionary Arc,” Roundtable Essay, International Journal of Middle East Studies, Vol. 43, No.2, (May 2011), pp. 323-325.

Semi-Peripheral Countries and the Invention of the “Third World,” 1955-1965,” Third World Quarterly, (November 2014).

"The Domestic Sources of Israel's Decision to Launch the 1956 Sinai Campaign," British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, (2015).

"The Cold War in the Arab World, 1965-1969," in Lorenz Luthi, ed., Turning Points in the Cold War, (Washington, D.C. and Stanford CA: Woodrow Wilson Center Press and Stanford University Press, 2015).


B. Other Essays

 “Cutting the Gordian knot: The Post WWII Egyptian Quest for Arms and the 1955 Czech Arms Deal”, Cold War International History Project, The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, working paper #55,(Washington, DC, February 2007).


Goldman Sachs Faces Test Years After Memos Touted Now Faltering Economies,” The Guardian, 13 September 2015.

The Bubble of Emerging Markets Pops,” History News Network, 27 August 2015.